Web Hosting Review: Blue Host

BlueHost company is not new. They have been in business since 1996. At first glance there is nothing that sets them apart from all other hosting sites. In fact they are simple and direct in their approach. They get right down to business right away. Yet, looking more carefully, one senses they are more acclimated to getting the business done and less about bragging about what they can do.

They have a new drag and drop site builder, secure email support with three different email solutions: “Forwarding Email Accounts , Email Autoresponder, Gigs of Site Transfer.” What sets them off from other sites? They have a demostration video that shows how their site operates, and their lists of their services seem never ending but are simply there. Also they have tutorials and other knowledge based articles that allows interested viewers to click to get more information about a particular area.

What sets them apart? Their pricing structure that is reduced according to their pricing plans: 36 Month Account at $6.95 a month; 24 month plan at $7.95 a month; and a 12 month plan at $8.00 a month:

  • 36 Month Plan
  • Customers get one free Domain Registration
  • No set up fees
  • Pay the total $250.00 at sign-up ($6.95 a month)
  • 24 Month Plan
  • Customers get one free Domain Registgration
  • No set up fees
  • Pay the total $190.00 at sign up ($7.95 a month)
  • 12 Month Account
  • Customers get one free Domain Registration
  • No set up fee
  • Pay the total $107.40 at sign up ($8.95 a month)

There are other prices for extras that must be mentioned. They do not wait until you are signed on and then spring these on you.

Everything is up front. As an example, if you want more than one Domain name, each extra one will be $10.00 extra annually; a dedicated IP will cost $2.50 a month , or $30.00 a year; SSL Certificates are priced at $45.00 each year. If your account expires it will cost $30.00 to reactivate it.

They do have some interesting offers for their customers as SSL certificates are known to be generous for regular ones but there is this https://www.besthostingcodes.com/fastcomet/ Which provides promo code that most youngsters like where account recharging is cheaper.

And there is more: Postini mail filtering will cost $1.00 per address per month. Domain privacy will cost $4.95 for the first year. If the service is canceled before the first thirty day are up, a refund will be for the full monthly price. As an example, for a 24 Month plan, a refund would be in the amount of $190.00 dollars.

What are some other features of BlueHost that make them different? Unlimited accounts in one domain and an Affiliates program of which they are proud. Everytime a customer is referred to them from another’s customer’s site, that customer gets a referral fee of $65.00. How that works is that the customers advertise their business on their site with a personal Affiliate login. With that personal touch those doing business as an affiliate can see how well they are doing as advertisers.

  • Affiliate program perks
  • Banners or links can be viewed
  • Payments by sign-ups can be seen
  • Downloadable tracking codes
  • Track commission payouts

Bluehost web hosting is older than most other websites and they seem to retain more of the older, no nonsense approach to business. In 1996, the web was beginning and they apparently were one of the few companies were able to sustain the losses that many web companies could not. Lot so money were being made on the Internet in the next few years, but when the bubble burst, many were out of business. It is to the credit of BlueHost that they remain today a viable company.