Gaining Popularity for Your MineCraft Server

It has been five years since I started helping small businesses build their brands. I helped businesses that were going nowhere actually be well known in their industry or local area. Even though markets can be very different from one another, doing a good job at marketing your business will always be important. The same goes for a new Minecraft server, and I will show you how based on my experience assisting other Minecraft servers grow their player base.

Today Minecraft has several million paid registered users and an incredible amount of alts for Minecraft. Based on Minecraft’s own statistics, about 10,000 users join every day. Hence, there must be a lot of servers to play on. Due to the high number of servers, new ones often face a common problem: How do we effectively market ours to gain players when there’s such a wide choice of servers for the players to choose from?

Offer Something Out of the Ordinary

If you want new players to join your server, it is important that you offer something that is different from what others have to offer. , it is good to find your own niche and stick to it. If you can be unique and give your players something they like, there is a good chance that they will find your server more interesting than others.

Forums and Social Media

Connecting with people is one of the most important aspects of marketing. You can have the most amazing server with a lot of great plugins and creations, but if you are not trying to connect with other people then it is not likely they will find your server. Therefore, being active on forums and social media is very important.

It does not take much time out of your day if you make it into an everyday habit. But be sure to only add valuable content to conversations if you want new players on your server. Going overboard on comments and posts can give you a bad rap and will encourage users to go elsewhere. The Minecraft Forums and Planet Minecraft Forums are probably the best places to be active on.

Server Topsite

The most common way for new Minecraft players to find a server is to go to a server topsite. Simply add your server; it is usually very simple. All you have to do is fill in your server details, and it will soon be listed on the topsite. You will need to gain votes to get a better ranking. The best way to get more votes is to encourage your current players to vote once every day. Often these topsites use something called Votifier. It is a plugin you can use for your server that rewards them every time they vote for your server.

Use Videos for Marketing

Videos are a very interactive way to increase your chances of getting more players to your server. If you know your way around, you should try it out. If your video is unique enough, it is possible that it will go viral and your server will become popular fast.