Tips To Make Your Bird Feeder Squirrel-Proof

Looking for the a reliable and durable squirrel proof bird feeder? Well, you are in the right place. Here are some ways on how to squirrel proof your bird feeder.

Add some fun

One of the creative way to squirrel proof your bird feeder is by adding some fun on it or making toy with them. You can simply do this by turning your toy slinky into a baffle. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is to thread the post through the slinky and then connect 1 end under the feeder. This will let the feeder to drape down the post. Consequently, make the feeder shorter it the slinky touches the ground. This will be very fun because the squirrels that try to climb your feeder will need a ride back to the ground every time they climb up.

Cage Design

Another way to make a squirrel proof bird feeder is to invest cage designs that are susceptible in giving protection to the bird seed. This is a good investment especially for feeders fir small birds such as chickadees and finches. But how do you choose the best cage? Well, the good thing is that there are several [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]squirrel proof bird feeder reviews that you can check online. This will help you choose the right cage design for you.

Rule of 5-7-9

As a rule of thumb, squirrels are not capable of jumping more than seven feet across from a building or tree, more than five feet up from the ground and are hesitant in dropping over nine feet onto a feeder from above. With all that being said, it is advisable to position your feeder station with such number of distance in order to prevent squirrels from getting into the feeder station. Always keep in mind that in setting up bird feeder, strategy is very important to get rid of these annoying squirrels and other large animals who try to access the bird seed.

Choose the right pole

Pole is also very crucial when creating a squirrel proof bird feeder. This is because epole will serve as the foundation of your cage or bird feeder. In addition, metal and wood poles are very easy for squirrels to climb so it is not advisable to consider them as the best options when choosing the proper pole. According to experts, copper and PVC piping are more ideal because squirrels find it very difficult to climb on these kinds of pole. Hence, when building your own pole, make sure to consider these materials.

Maintain Cleanliness

Last but not the least tip is to keep the feeder clean. Always keep in mind that squirrels love to look for seeds on the ground, so any dirt or detritus from your bird feeders might be an attraction to them. So to prevent these animals, keep the areas underneath the feeders clean. To avoid falling seed, make sure to connect a tray beneath the feeder so it can catch any falling seed that might attract the attention of squirrels.