Spring Water and Mineral Water: What is the difference?

Whenever we go to a grocery store, we might think that all bottled water are the same. But the truth is, there are a few types of bottled drinking water available in the market. The two most common and popular types of drinking water are spring water and mineral water. These two drinking water have both similarities and differences. However, despite those dissimilarities, there is only one main goal or purpose they serve. And that is for human consumption so people can drink, survive and have a healthy life. 

Basically, when it comes to the differences between spring water and mineral water, the main two basic points are first, as per legislation, mineral water must be bottled properly and directly at all sources. This means that the processes for mineral water should be very safe and all the healthy precautions should be considered. Second point is that the composition of minerals is not influenced by the bottling process. Through this, the natural composition of minerals such as salt, magnesium and iron will be retained. Consequently, mineral water will be saltier than spring water. 

There are also similarities between spring and mineral water. But one of the most imminent one is that these types of drinking water are both considered as pure water. FDS states that bottled water is mainly intended to be consumed by people. Hence, regardless of the sources they come from or the type of water it is, it is important to keep them safe to consume. The filtration process for mineral water has to be high quality, safe and free from any risks of pollution. Both spring and mineral water have the same quality, purity and purpose so welcome home to springwater and mineral water’s healthy benefits.

Now that we are done with the main similarity of mineral and spring water, let us now go into details the differences between the two. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration recognize spring water, from the name itself as water that derives from an underground formation. This formation is where the water naturally flows to the surface of the earth. Hence, spring water is purely natural and free from any filtration process. Mineral water, on the other hand, is also coming from underground source. But the only difference is that mineral water contains constant level and relative proportions of minerals. It also has trace elements at the point of emergence from its source.

When it comes to the health benefits, it is fair to say that they are both safe and healthy for our body. There is no specific study claiming that one form of water is way healthier than the other. Hence, it is important for bottled drinking water companies to always uphold the value of safety when developing and delivering their products to the community. Law requires that companies need to comply to a safe and healthy bottled drinking water processes so consumers can fully get its health benefits.