Creating Healthy Relationships with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle that expresses how we attract experiences – negative and positive – into our lives via our thoughts, feelings and actions. In other words, like attracts like. In our quest to heal our lives, we realize this means that our relationships will change in some form or another along the way. The relationships we experience, regardless of the nature of the relationships, are important to our personal growth. Here we will explore a few ways to cultivate healthy relationships in our lives with the Law of Attraction.

The first way to attract healthy relationships into your life is to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. Quite often during counseling sessions with clients and friends, I’ve found that while people understand this is an important step, they’re a bit hesitant to do the work necessary within themselves. I strongly encourage you to enhance your relationship with yourself. All positive experiences with other people are rooted in how you relate to yourself. Self-love is the key. It walks hand-in-hand with self-care.

The second way to attract healthy relationships into your life is to not be afraid to take a deep look into the relationships you have currently in your life. How healthy are these relationships? Do you share in negative conversations and thoughts with your friends, relatives and co-workers? Are there certain people in your life who are always negative about their own lives and leave you feeling drained of energy? Take some time with your journal to ask yourself these questions and others that may come to you and write down the inner guidance you feel coming as you pose the questions. Trust your inner guidance.

The third way to attract healthy relationships into your life is to use positive affirmations, which is deliberately practicing the Law of Attraction. Create affirmations for your relationship with yourself and for your relationships with others.

Positivity is the natural therapy that will help you prevail through all the obstacles in your path and having negative thoughts only makes things much worse so take care to be in the right state of mind and you can do so by reading the manifestation magic book for good measure that contains some excellent points.

The positive affirmations can be very simple, such as “I love myself,” “I take good care of myself” and “I approve of myself.” Affirmations for your relationship with others can be simple as well, such as “I attract positive, loving people into my life,” “I experience harmonious relationships with everyone I know” and “I like my co-workers and my co-workers like me.” Be sure to write or say these affirmations several times each day, upon waking or right before bed, which are two easy times to remember. Be sure to couple positive actions with your affirmation practice. Take small steps. For instance, you can treat yourself to an at-home spa bath once per week in an effort to better take care of yourself and show yourself love. Perhaps, you can give thank you cards to your friends, relatives and co-workers to let them you appreciate who they are.

You can create better relationships in your life using the Law of Attraction. Remember, the first place to start is within yourself. How you relate to yourself will reflect in your relationships with others. The second place to go is your relationship with others currently in your life.

Keep in mind, while the thought of having to release a few relationships as you go on your healing journey may seem daunting, please understand that this is a natural process. It doesn’t mean you don’t love everyone in your life, yet you must realize that as you grow into your True Self, the people in your life will some times change as well. Why? Because like attracts like.