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Teachers find an audience every day, of course. Bright, attentive faces, hanging on every word…

Perhaps not, perhaps you’d like an audience that actually listens to what you have to say, one that cares about your opinions, and comments, debates, argues and even agrees, on occasion.

We’re trying to build an education community over here – one which shares its thoughts connects with each other, keeps up with its professional development, keeps up with tech, and wants to find the best way through its budgets.

EduBloggery WE WANT YOU.
It’s all being built (so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t quite gel yet), but we want you and your ideas and thoughts. We want you to share your experiences, ideas, critiques, best practice – anything you like, so long as it’s around the world of education. So unburden yourself, get writing and send it in – and get connecting, building a powerful community of educators who can support and inform each other.


So if you’ve got ideas that need spreading, get typing and click here to submit your post. Remember to add your full name, twitter handle and links to your blog, if you have them (the latter two, we’re assuming you have a full name).

Get writing and, together, we’ll grow the best education community on the web…