Tourism promotion offers prizes for best travel stories

A new state tourism promotion encourages people to go beyond just putting their New Mexico vacation and other travel stories in their own scrapbooks, but share them as part of an online contest that will earn someone a $5,000 prize, as well as offer weekly prizes of gas cards. The New Mexico Tourism Department’s summer […]

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Indonesia lies at the border between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, allowing her to display one of the largest shoreline in the entire world. Its exotic beaches with fine white
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AstroDatabank – Research Tool

Have you ever gone to a lecture and heard a theory you wanted to check out, such as “the ruler of the 10th in the 4th indicates work from the home”? Never got around to it, did you? Have you ever wondered what the common elements are in charts of people with arthritis, but had a hard time finding enough charts to establish a clear pattern? With AstroDatabank, you can quickly and easily explore the connections between astrology and behavior.

At AstroDatabank, we’re not so much interested in “proving astrology” as improving astrology. Proving astrology would require rigorous data collection and advanced statistics that would bore anybody with less than four planets in Virgo. However, there’s lots of useful research that can be done to improve astrology, and this is the type of research that will directly benefit the practicing astrologer.

For example, you could filter to find 50 charts of people with arthritis, what common astrological themes would you look for? Strong Saturn? Lots of Capricorn? Saturn-Moon aspects? Lots of fixed signs? Even without statistics, you can find things that work and things that don’t. What you want to know is what percent of the charts have the features you’re looking for. AstroDatabank can make this easy for you. 

 AstroDatabank’s Filters (click to enlarge) allow you to select groups of data based on one or more criteria. You could, for instance, focus on all people having a history of alcoholism or those with all inner planets in earth signs. Just like, AstroDatabank’s AstroSignatures take filters to a new level; they are much subtler than filters. Filters are very strict; they can only select charts based on whether they fit a pattern or not. They are considered reliable and reputable in the field of astrology.  AstroSignatures are more forgiving; they score charts on how well they fit a pattern. If you use a filter to find people with lots of earth in their chart you have two choices:

‚Ä¢ An overly restrictive AND filter: “Show me only people who have all personal planets in earth signs”, or

‚Ä¢ An overly inclusive OR filter: “Show me all the people with any personal planet in an earth sign. I call this the “Goldilocks problem.” Filters are either too tight or too loose. With filters, you can√ɬ≠t ask questions like “Show me people who have three out of four personal planets in earth signs.” You would use an astrological filter to find everyone with the Moon in Taurus. You would use an AstroSignature to find out who has the strongest Moon by using sign, house, speed and aspects to score the strength of each person√ɬ≠s Moon.

AstroSignatures are not a totally new concept in astrology. When you count planets by element you are doing an AstroSignature calculation. AstroDatabank has taken this concept and generalized it so you can count anything in the chart. For example, suppose you were looking for the person with the most Piscean signature in the AstroDatabank. You might count planets in Pisces, planets in the 12th house, and aspects to Neptune for a “Pisces Prominent” score. That’s what we have done on the screen below: 

 Notice that we can also give more weight to some factors. In the example above, each planet in Pisces is worth one point and aspects to Neptune are worth 3 points. There are lots of fun things you can do with AstroSignatures. Here are just a few suggestions:

• Find individuals with high and low scores for Uranus prominent. Are the high scoring people individualists and the low scoring people conformists?

• Find extreme examples of high earth and low earth charts. What kinds of live do these people lead. We actually did this study and you can see the results.

• Develop an AstroSignature for courage. Does Woody Allen score higher or lower than General MacArthur?

• Do alcoholics have a greater score for Neptune prominence than the general population?

• Do victims of violent crime have a greater emphasis along the Pisces-Virgo axis than the rest of the population? There is also a serious side to AstroSignatures. AstroSignatures are the breakthrough required to build a science around astrological knowledge. AstroSignatures allow astrologers to put more rigor into their models. We all believe in the basic astrological theory that planetary patterns are correlated with patterns of behavior. We may even be able to agree that Saturn in the 2nd house gives fear of not having enough material resources.

But we do not have a consensus on which is more important in determining a personís ease with money: aspects to the planets in the 2nd house or aspects to the rulers of the 2nd house. What is the most important consideration in aspects: the planets, the signs, the houses, the angle, or the orb? After years of practice, expert astrologers develop gut feelings about these considerations, but we still donít have a way to compare one personís expert opinions against those of another. AstroSignatures allow expert astrologers to express and refine their expertise.

The ability to measure and test hypothesizes that describe which planetary patterns correlate with which behavior patterns is the breakthrough we have been seeking to establish a scientific basis for astrology. Before AstroDatabank, it took years to conduct an astrological study because of all the hard work in collecting and tabulating the data. Now this work can be done in hours. At AstroDatabank, we’re building a community of astrologers and researchers √Ñ‚Äì all those interested in furthering the progress of the profession.

Currently, we foster that community through publishing research articles, providing a list of research resources, and trading ideas about the charts of celebrities. We’re working on the support facilities and materials for an even more robust research community, and will be filling you in on our progress via our weekly newsletter. So be sure to sign up for our mailing list.

Dental Plans Versus Dental Insurance

In today’s world, people are making sure that they have insurance coverage to avoid unexpected medical and dental bills. The expected expense of insurance is much more manageable than an unexpected emergency. Emergencies are very difficult to include in the budget.

So Many Choices

Dental plans are running advertisements everywhere. Many people are under the impression that a dental plan is the same thing as having dental insurance. This is a large misunderstanding and most people do not understand the differences until they try to use their plan as insurance.

What are the Differences? It is imperative that you understand the differences before making a decision to buy insurance or a dental plan. Complete understanding will eliminate any surprising expenses that may arise.


A dental plan is a company partnered with participating dentists that will accept their discounted rates. Most of the plans are called discount dental plans. They are usually priced reasonably and less than insurance plans. This is what lures people to purchase a discount plan before doing any more homework.

They assume it to be the plan of any local dentist in Orlando where they just have to follow a few procedures and get things done in a jiffy but there is more to the story than meets the eye, which sadly very few people realize and as discount plans always have certain repercussions that do more damage than help.

People think they are getting great coverage for as little as fifteen dollars per month. What they do not understand about the plan is that they are going to be responsible for the entire bill.

If you go to a dentist the breakdown looks about like this: visit is fifty dollars, x-ray is thirty dollars, filling one hundred and fifty dollars, Novocain eighty dollars and supplies used for the procedure are twenty dollars. Altogether you have a bill of three hundred and thirty dollars.

With the discount dental plan, the dentist may have a contract with the company that makes the visit thirty dollars, the x-ray twenty dollars, filling one hundred dollars, Novocain is not covered, and the supplies will be ten dollars. The dentist will bill you that amount, which comes to one hundred and sixty dollars.

Items not covered by the plan will also be your responsibility, which comes to eighty dollars. The rest of the amount then becomes a write off and you will not have to pay that. In this example, the discount dental plan saved you ninety dollars.

This is a good plan for someone that will be able to pay this kind of a bill when necessary and that does not have frequent dental issues. It is also a practical plan for someone that goes to the dentist regularly and just wants a discount on their bills. Be aware that some dental plans do not have coverage for oral surgery, extractions, medications needed at the pharmacy, or any medical issues.


Dental insurance is more expensive, sometimes upwards of one hundred dollars a month. The coverage is more extensive than discount dental plans and underwriters create these insurance plans.

If you go to the dentist for the same procedures previously mentioned and have a bill of three hundred and thirty dollars, there may only be a co pay of thirty dollars for this visit. Dental insurance will not cover any medical expenses.

It may cover extractions, but not oral surgery and only a few insurance plans offer prescription drug coverage. This is a plan that is good for families with young children that may have a lot of dental bills or for an individual with oral problems.

Study and Compare

When comparing the choices available to you, be sure to make an educated decision and know what you will be responsible for. Though dental insurance covers more of the cost when a visit to the dentist is required, it is more expensive than the discount dental plan. So it may fit your individual needs to have a plan that costs less because you will not frequently use it. If you take time to research all of the options, you will make the right decision for you and your family.

Helpful Tips to Follow While Walking for Healthy Weight Loss

Walking is the best cardio exercise and great way to lose healthy weight. Walking daily can keep you fit and it is the cheapest way to start losing weight. In order to lose healthy weight with walking, it is important that you make it an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Long term and real weight loss demand for more than taking few steps every day. According to studies, people who are overweight with obesity need to walk harder daily to shred some pounds from their body. Moreover, mere with walking you won’t have the best results until you combine it with some effective supplements like Resurge Pills.

If you opt for this route to lose weight, then ensure to follow the below tips along with walking to see real and long term weight loss results with daily walking.

Stay Hydrated Always

If you walk daily and head out for a long walk, it is important that you carry your water bottle with you to take regular sip of water in between. It will help you to stay hydrated always. Drinking water is equally important and you must drink at least two full cups of water at least 40-60 minutes before walking every day. Besides, after your workout and daily walking you must set down and drink another two cups of water to rehydrate your body. Staying hydrated is important as with rigorous walking the body fluid tends to sip out through sweat, leaving you with dehydration.

Using Right Walking Gears

Since you will be walking for miles, it is necessary to keep your foot comfortable and toes in right position to avoid injuries. It is important that you wear good pair of sneakers for walking. It will help to sustain the natural posture of your foot while walking and reduce the risk of incurring injuries. The good pair of sneakers can also enhance your stride and allow you to walk extra distance without discomfort.

Focus on Style of Walking

Walking needs no special skills as it is very natural, but with posture and style of walking you can make great difference in your weight loss results. You must focus on sustaining your shoulders square and chin up and the core must be activated with straight back. The gluts must be involved in every step you take and keep your butt inward. You must focus on landing on your heels and roll forward so as to push the toes forward in each stride.

Pick up Pace Gradually

Walking continuously is harmful and may not offer you the results you are looking for. So, walk in intervals as it is the best method to burn off the calories and keep your walking session interesting. You must walk slowing and then pick up pace gradually. Start walking with a stroll and then focus for brisk pace and as you gain the momentum focus on covering long distance with faster walking speed.

So, these were some of the tips that you must focus on while walking to lose weight. Moreover, keep using Resurge Pills which is the best supplement for weight loss.

Career Pick: Accountant

If you have not already heard, accounting is one of the hottest careers right now. So throw out that idea that this career is only for the “math whiz” or “geniuses.” Accounting can be a very rewarding and versatile career. If you have the drive and passion to go into this field, than it can be rewarding for you as well.

The basic idea of accountants is that they track a business or a person’s financial records. The jobs in accounting range from auditing, budget analysis to doing taxes. Here is more of a description of a few of the different paths you can take by being an accountant

Paths in Accounting


Accountants who work in auditing oversee a corporation’s financial statements as well as checking their ledgers (retail sales, payrolls, etc.).There are either internal audits (ones who work for the company) or external audits (a person from an outside firm). Audits make sure the company’s financial statement is accurate and honest.


Accountants who work on taxes help people or companies income statements. These accountants have a great understanding of tax codes and economics. There are many individuals and companies who work specifically in this field.

Budget Analysis

A budget analyst is someone who analyzes, develops, manages, and implements budgets for an organization. They help come up with new ways to make a company more efficient which then can help the company raise its profits. A budget analyst must make sure to know the objectives of the organization and follow regulations. Both public and non-profit companies benefit from a budget analyst.

Where you can Work

Here are the main places an accountant can end up working:

Public Accounting Firms

Companies that provide services such as audits, taxes, and budget analysis to different businesses, governments, or even individuals.


There is always the option of starting up your own business and working one-on-one with specific customers. More risky than working at a corporation, but can be highly rewarding. You may also try to do some account service in Singapore. Being an outsourced accountant is one of the highest paying online jobs. So if you want to earn money at home, this can be a great deal.


Much like work with big companies, accountants track budgets and costs and analyze them. It can have positive and negative effects on the public since it is in the public’s eye. It can also get political depending on financial reports.


Whether a company is big or small, they usually have an accountant or accounting group. A few of the things they help with is budgeting, taxes, financial statements, and tracking costs.

To sum up, the main focus of an accountant is tracking how a person/business spends their money and where that money goes. Besides just surfing the web for information talk to a school counselor or someone who works in the field. They can help you figure out if this career is right for you. You may be happy you did.

Tips in Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

The cleanliness of your office space should always be considered and prioritized for so many reasons. One of those reasons is to protect the health and safety of your employees. Hiring a professional cleaning company is arguably the best option you may consider to maintain the cleanliness of your office space. However, with a lot of service providers in the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. So to help you out, here are some tips and factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing a commercial cleaning service provider

Quality of Services

Th very first thing that you need to consider is the services that the cleaning company is offering and its quality. Some of the companies specialize in janitorial services while some companies focus on window cleaning. Your need and preference should be highly considered here. But if you are looking for a company that provides multiple services, you can find some companies that offer such services. Ideally, you will need to check if the cleaning company offers the following services: carpet cleaning, window cleaning, janitorial services, high pressure cleaning a hard floor surface maintenance.

Quality of Employees

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing a commercial cleaning service is the quality of employees. It I all about choosing a trustworthy and reliable company that is not just able to provide you quality services but quality employee as well. Ideally, a professional cleaning company should be able to give you an overview of the overall processes of their hiring process. Consequently, they should be able to train their employees, so they are equipped with the right process. You may also ask if an employee will visit your facility regularly or if turn over requires irregular scheduling.

Experience in the industry

As a client, you certainly want quality service and results for your business. Hence, it is advisable to choose a company with long years of experience in the industry already. A business that has been operating for years tend to be a reputable company and an established one. They were able to gain experiences and they already know the processes. As such, make sure to inquire about the current clients and experience of the company you are considering to gain a sense of well-established that the cleaning company has.

Past Reviews

You may also consider checking some past reviews regarding their services. Nowadays, most of the cleaning services companies have their own websites. Usually, on their site, you will see a customer review section. This is where you can see some of the feedback and comments of their previous customers. This will give you an idea whether their previous customers were satisfied and happy with the services that they provided. If you are having a hard time to look for a reliable company, you may also ask referral from your friends, family or other commercial establishments. Experts at cleaning apartments in chicago are some of the reliable companies in the industry.


Most Influential Rock Artists of Today

There have been many rock artists that have shaped the music landscape over the years. These artists all shared a distinct sound and style that separated them from the rest of the artists at the time and allowed them to still be a force in rock album sales to this day. These particular artists, not only had a distinct sound, but they also had two things that are absent from most music that is around today: Raw talent and soul. Learn about the history of music from gudanglagu and tell us all about your favorite music artists.

Most artists today just don’t possess the same drive and talent as the artists of old. Back then the pure love of music is what pushed these folks to the top, and that seems to be lacking today. The internet has made instant celebrities of many bands, and it has had a definite impact on the quality of music around. The internet, and all the other forms of media available, has also had a big impact on the number of good live bands available.

It used to be that a band started as a live band and then moved its way up through the ranks, maybe eventually getting discovered, and possibly having the chance to make a record. In today’s modern world, however, this is no longer the case. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but it seems that anyone out there can be an artist. All it takes is a camera and an upload to YouTube.

Considering all of these factors, I love it when I come across artists in the modern era that possesses the drive, talent, and pure soul of the artists of old like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Doors. These modern rock artists hold nothing back, and honestly project the vibe, that not only do they play their particular kind of music, they feel it. In today’s rock scene, I think the two artists who fit this bill are The Black Keys and Jack White.

Jack White is probably best known for his musical work with Meg White, his now ex-wife. These two together form the power duo known as The White Stripes. The White Stripes have been around for several years, and have had critically acclaimed success. Their very distinct, yet talented sound started in the Detroit underground and then skyrocketed from there, virtually making Jack White a superstar, and allowing him to perform with the likes of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. Jack also produced an album for Loretta Lynn that really showcased his natural talent for music regardless of the genre.

Jack is also known for his involvement in the band The Raconteurs. This band was formed in 2005 and displays Jack’s diversity even further while also allowing him to project his raw talent on the guitar.

I find Jack White’s music to be very raw and unique. I think that Mr. White is one of the most talented individuals on the music scene today. His music reflects the artists of yesteryear while also displaying his very unique sound and style on the guitar. This combination, regardless of what band he is playing for, makes him one a definite force to be reckoned with. His musical variety makes him a pure pleasure for anyone to listen to, whether you like country, rock, or the blues.

The Black Keys consist of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, both of Akron, Ohio. They have been in the rock scene since releasing their debut album, The Big Come Up, in 2002. This duo project a sound that will truly invade the soul. Their raw, fresh, powerful guitar chords, and pulsating drum beats, sound like the bands of old, but with a unique spin that makes them fresh and different for today’s listeners. Mr. Auerbach has a voice that sounds like he evolved straight from 1970.

They are one of the few artists around that truly feel what they’re playing, and that is conveyed through their music. I have never heard such raw talent from an artist in years. Even Robert Plant, the lead singer for Led Zeppelin, has come out and expressed the pleasure he gets from listening to their music. From their first album, The Big Come Up, to ThickFreakness in 2003, Rubber Factory in 2004, and their latest release, Magic Potion, this rock duo has managed to capture the great rock and roll of old while at the same time putting their stamp on the music of today. Their music will smack you right in the soul; I guarantee it!

These two artists have shown what true rock music is about. They have conveyed the emotion that has been so absent from rock music for the past few years. That emotion and pure talent are what makes them the two most influential artists of these, to quote the Black Keys song, Modern Times.

A Quick Look at Pure for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC Platforms

Done by Black Rock Studios, the makers of other ATV themed games, the refined elements of ATV thrill racing are really brought out in Pure. The characters and courses are very detailed in rather nuanced ways, and you’ll see plenty of gorgeous backdrops as your rider launches off many vertigo-inducing jumps along the track. But graphics, however beautiful, are only one part of any game and you can read about all that in more details on unblocked school games, and without gameplay, we might as well be watching a movie, so let’s have a look at what else Pure offers.

Right off you’ll notice that the gameplay is not meant to reflect an intense simulation of ATV racing. The controls are simple, you can correct trajectory in mid-air to some degree and the jumps you take would sometimes trash any ATV, including its driver, upon impact. But, this just makes the game accessible to thrill-seekers who would not normally jump into technical driving genres without a lot of effort to ease them in. And this is where Pure’s business model comes from: they take a racing-style game, and they make it really accessible by adding different elements to allow the race to not be governed by difficult handling setups, even though there is a handling mode you can do that focuses on cornering properly.

While the gameplay itself is not that deep, the ability to customize your ATV is quite deep. You can change chassis, tires, body, and a ton of other options, and you can unlock new options as you go through the career mode. And the changes definitely affect how the race goes and depending on the track if you’re having trouble with something, it’s often best to swap out parts or build a new ATV altogether. One problem with this and all heavy customization systems is that it can numb the player to their usefulness. Once the parts start piling up, it can be hard to find the parts you just unlocked and just daunting to start putting together the ATV with “the best” parts you have at the time.

Multiplayer is also another comfortable option and it is basically just an extension of the single-player racing campaigns brought into multi-player. There are no notable flaws with this and it doesn’t suffer from slowdowns that some racing games seem to once they’re networked.

As mentioned before, the graphics in Pure are very cozy. There’s plenty of nice lighting to look at, at once you find yourself in a self-induced free fall with your ATV, you’ll find an astounding draw distance as you pull up above the horizon from the ground. The characters have a lot of nice animation done with them, and they will shift in their seats and their moves fluidly chain together, though some of the larger moves are rather absurd looking. But hey, the game isn’t meant to be some accurate simulation of ATV driving; Pure is just capitalizing on the fantasies of adrenaline junkies everywhere.

The Best Places to Find Energy Star Kitchen Appliances

The Best Places to Find Energy Star Kitchen Appliances – One of the government’s biggest plans in keeping the Earth healthier is energy efficient products. Together with corporations like GE and Kitchen Aid the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy have come up with energy saving devices for over 50 categories. One of the most commonly searched is Kitchen Appliance for the simple fact that these machines are running all the time. Here are some of the most popular stores that carry not only your Kitchen Appliances but in many cases the items from the many other categories. 6 home improvement stores that carry EPA and DE approved Energy efficient appliances.

  1. Lowes:

Lowes Hardware carries 495 different Energy Star products ranging from $100 to $7000. While most of their appliances are Frigidaire Brand you can find a wide verity here including Bosch, Fisher  Paykel;, GE, KitchenAid, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Lowes ads in the Sunday paper will tell you when they have their big season’s projects sales. For the next couple of weeks that’s when these appliances will go on sale, this is especially true when they have their kitchen makeover ads.

  1. Ace Hardware

Unlike at Home depot and Lowes you wont find Ace’s Energy Appliances listed under a heading. This store isn’t one to go to if your looking for a fridge but they do have many of the Kitchen Aid small Appliances. You can check each week online before the paper comes out to see what will be on sale.

  1. The Home Depot

546 Energy Appliances can be found here. Portables and Built-ins are available for certain products and they come in many different colors. The prices here range from $200 to $5000. GE and Maytag top this list of manufacturers but don’t worry there are many others here including: Franklin Chef, Hotpoint, Jenn- Air, Profile, LG, Amana, and Americana. Speak to a consultant right online about any of these products when you log onto their website or walk into a store.

  1. Sears

Who doesn’t love Sears. While you’re not going to find the kitchen cabinets or lumber here you will fine isles and isles of kitchen appliances. With over 850 energy efficient appliances, it’s no wonder Sears has won the award for best energy star retailer 7 out of 8 years. Right now for example there’s 15% off washer and dryer: that’s more then the employee discount at Target. Sears is also good for things like no interest or payments for 12 months and free delivery and haul away. That lets you get rid of the old and pay it off before you get stuck with lots of interest that equals half the price of the machine you bought.

  1. Walmart

College Kids! This is your one shop stop in this race for a Green Earth. Your mini fridge that has to reach only a certain height and that microwave you won’t burn your pizza in can all be found here.

  1. Menard’s

Build your home from the ground up or slowly remodel everything to be energy efficient. Menard’s has plans for it all. There are rebate opportunities and no money down payment plans available. Menard’s is having a kitchen and bath sale from not until Labor Day. Holidays are a great time to check and see what these specialty home stores are offering they usually have really good deals.

Deals, when ever you want to buy a product always look at two things: the stores, and the manufacturers’ website. You can get deals or print coupons right off line that could save you like $50 or more on things like refrigerators and ovens. In order to know about the homes reviews, a click at site can be made. It will help the people to compare different electronic appliances based on the rankings and reviews. Some additional efforts can be made to paint the cabinet following the look of the appliances. After checking the reviews, the selection of the appliance should be made for kitchen. 

One of the great things about shopping for appliances is that you can order them online once you know what you want. Many of these stores offer certain products online only but they also have all kinds of Internet specials each week for hundreds of dollars off.

And don’t worry about using your credit card online. All the sites were consumer and credit card friendly.

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Garland Craft

This beautiful Christmas craft will bring a warm country old-fashioned feel to your Christmas decorations. The Christmas star garland craft does not need a lot of materials and you are free to choose colours, fabric patterns and star sizes as you want.

To make your old fashioned Christmas Tree Garland craft you will need scissors, a star pattern, sewing machine, fibrefill stuffing, festive fabric of your choice, wooden beads that compliment your fabric and thread to match your fabric. If you don’t have a sewing machine it is still possible for you to make this Christmas craft. You just need competent hand sewing skills, a little patience and of course a needle. The Christmas garland that you will make has a nice natural look, which helps to set an old, fashioned Christmas atmosphere.

People with a genuine interest of fashion Christmas trees would find this article an interesting read because you won’t find anything about How to find the best clothing wholesale in the UK as this is an entirely different fashion statement that involves the festival season.

Step one is to cut out the stars using your star pattern. It is important to note here that you will want to leave a little extra, about .7mm for the seam. When you have cut out your star pieces take two and face them towards each other, basically so your stars are inside out. Step three sew the stars together but do not fully close them. Leave a suitable opening that will allow you to turn your stars right side out and stuff them. After you have sewed the stars and before you turn them right side out trim off any extra fabric along the seam. This will help the stars shape stay correct and smooth.

Step five is turning the stars right side out. Do this step with patience and care as to not rip the seam accidentally. When you have finished turning the stars right side out use a thin long device such as knitting needle to push the points of the star out fully. Now you can fill your star with stuffing, how much you fill it is up to you. You may want very firm stars and use a lot of filling or you may want only soft stars in which case you will use less filling.

Make the number of stars to suit your purpose. Your Christmas tree garland craft can be used to wrap around your Christmas tree, hang from your stair banister, hang from windows or hang from the doorknobs around your home. Each of these purposes will require more or less stars use your good judgement to decide on the amount you need. The Christmas tree garland can also be made to include in someone’s Christmas gift. Or you can make one or two add the beads and decorate Christmas gifts with them.

When you have finished making the required number of stars all you have to do is add the beads and connect them together. To do this simply use you’re matching thread and connect one star to another. Before attaching the second or following star thread three wooden beads onto the thread. To keep the beads from sliding up and down the thread put the thread through the first and third bead a second time. After you have secured the beads attach the next star until you have completed your Old Fashioned Christmas Garland craft.

Writing VS. Promoting: The Business of Making Money Online

Do they really go hand-in-hand?

Do you see your writing efforts and promotional efforts as being at odds with each other? While it may feel like writing and promoting are different and there is a time crunch that makes you choose one over the other, they really do go hand-in-hand.

Which Came First?

You can’t promote without content. I used to try to create my own web sites before I had any content. Go ahead and try it. If you don’t have a lot a of content you may find yourself struggling with trying to create a blog or index or other topic based promotional effort.

Take the time to write the content. When you have an idea, write it down, don’t dismiss it. Pay attention to other ideas that crop up when you are writing. For example, I was going to make this a blog post, then I also thought about how I have been writing backwards – piecing articles for later compilations – and how that could be a second article (stay tuned).

I also just wrote another article (J is for Just Write) after I started this one. Follow your trains of thought, even if they bring you to three different tracks. The promotion of the fashion industry can be done with the education and course knowledge available at free download Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0. It can be downloaded at the personal computer and advantages are available for development of the marketing techniques. The use of the right one should be done to enjoy the pros instead of cons. 

Promoting Instead of Writing

Now that I have tons of content (more than 1,000 articles) I have to promote it. I know that my promotional efforts come and go in waves. Some articles, which have really good keywording and have been online for almost a year take no extra effort to draw in the pageviews.

Other articles need some help. A lot of help. I recognize that not every article will draw in a couple hundred pageviews per day, but the articles with less than 100 pageviews do need a little push.

The topic may not be of broad interest, so I need to market it in niche markets on social networks where I am already a member.

The “Problem” With Promoting

Every time I sit down to do some promoting, I keep thinking about how I am not writing. My computer should have a laptop skin that says “I’d rather be writing.”

I have to train myself not to see promoting as a separate task from writing, when writing is a business. For the articles that may not get the traffic even with really great keywording, because the topic is more common, then I need to step up promotional efforts.

Train yourself to see the two activities as going hand in hand. Set aside some time each day or each week to promote.

Without promoting, you won’t be able to keep writing and make a profit.

I’d Rather be Writing

When I stick to my 5-a-day minimum writing schedule, I have trouble promoting them all because they publish in batches. I feel overwhelmed if I let my promoting pile up. I try to do some initial promoting when the article is published, and then go back to it over the next week or so to push it more.

While I’d rather be writing, I realize that promoting is part of writing, and I need to find a balance between the two activities.