How To Fix A Relationship If You Feel Something Is Wrong Between You And Your Partner

When a man and a woman fall in love, each relationship tends to form a semblance with any of the iconic heterosexual couples in history. Perhaps, this is because the dynamics of love do not change much even through centuries and that traditions that held the iconic couples to be remembered are still as important (and maybe as stringent) as they have always been. Nonetheless, it pays to look back at these iconic relationships and compare our current relationships with them. As they say, history repeats itself, but it is very possible not to commit the same mistakes. We ought to learn from their stories so that we could push love to a whole new meaning and Eharmony will certainly help you with it.

Here is the list of heterosexual couples and their stories worth remembering:

Paris and Helen. The prince who was taunted by goddesses was promised the love of the most beautiful woman on earth. And upon this becoming, her face launched a thousand ships. This is a story of the process of maturity of a man in meeting the love of his life, as Paris is later on the one who cast the arrow into Achilles’ heel (both in the popular movie and in the mythology). But this development in character comes with a high price, a high sacrifice for the prince – something that happens in real life, excluding the thousand ships.

Romeo and Juliet. The ill-fated couple caught in an act of familial feuding and a miscommunicated death message has become the primary icon for all relationships. It is the same inspiration for West Side Story and Moulin Rouge. In such a relationship, the lovers are caught in external pressures that are too strong for them to counter but still go forth with the relationship at whatever cost. Many young couples try to connect with the story since often these young relationships are disapproved of by parents.

Anthony and Cleopatra. The fallen general of Rome and the power-hungry Egyptian queen spent time in her palace taunting the young Octavian Caesar to wage war. But because of a naval defeat, both lovers end their lives (although Anthony goes first) with their own hands to escape further humiliation and loyalty to the upcoming Roman emperor. Anthony killed himself first because Cleopatra calculated her options, in case she will move to the young Caesar’s side. But Cleopatra soon finds out that death with her lover is a better choice than to live a life in shame.

Noah and Allie. Fast forward to the modern time, the story of the two young couples falling in love, separating because of parental disapproval and war (and other lovers), and reunion until death is the most appealing story for young people today. Perhaps it is because the story is able to join the pains of fighting for a relationship present in the other iconic stories without killing any of the main characters. It is the ultimate cry story, even for guys, because Nicolas Sparks was able to weave the deepest wishes of all lovers in The Notebook – to be together until the day they die, and beyond.