Knowledge About The Causes Of Constipation And Helpful Tips To Avoid From It

Every physical condition that is not normal from the healthy has a lot of causes behind it. And one of those is the common problem or causes of constipation. Everybody can experience this condition and you can read about their experience as well on and here are some reasons that may cause experiencing constipation.

Wrong Diet– lack of eating the right diet of food can cause constipation. In the dietary analysis, a person needs to eat food with fiber from 25 to 35 grams everyday to balance your diet. That means constipation can be prevented by eating the right food that contains fibers and the right amount of water every day. There are a lot of foods available on the market. Like Pears, Banana, Strawberries, Apple, Green peas, Nuts, Almond, Corn bran cereal Whole wheat pasta a lot more to name them all. Those are examples of foods that can set you free from constipation.

  • A day without Exercises

as you read any medical advice the word exercise will always be around. When you are lack exercise your body muscles don’t make any extra movement that can help your body to move in different directions in a form of exercises. Without exercising your body cannot burn excessive fats and cannot draw sweat from your whole body that needs the total cooperation of your muscles and your nerves where your blood can flow smoothly all over your body. The more you exercise you do, the more you get from sweating and the more sweating you got, the more good digestion you will have. That’s why exercise is very important to avoid constipation.

  • On Medication

when a person is on medication; he/ she takes more medicines and lacks the desire to eat more foods. Medicines can make our toque tasteless to feel the taste of the food aside from the causes of medications. Medicines have toxins that you can usually feel after the medication is done. And that is where you can usually feel constipation, you will feel that you are about to do a bowel movement but you cannot do it, just feel it hurts within your tummy and your anus no matter how you tried to dispose of it.

  • Stoke Condition

constipation can usually be felt in people who got a health condition understroke. With the stroke condition, physical movements are usually lesser, they eat less and digest less so constipation will always be experienced. They cannot do the movement wherein they can exert efforts to cause their whole body to sweat. They are not allowed to become stressed in a way either exercise or not. What they can do is limited only to the Doctor’s prescriptions.

  • The Travelers

People who are always on the go, especially drivers who are driving a passenger bus where they are only allowed to make a stop at the bus stations during traveling. This kind of job can always on the mode to make the bowel movement when it gets a chance and that will cause constipation.

  • During Pregnancy

constipation can usually be experienced by pregnant women especially as the baby grows inside. While the baby is growing the uterus will make a large amount of occupation inside and reduces the spaces for the intestines. That’s why constipation will openly be experienced by pregnant women. There are causes of constipation the cannot be avoided due to its physical condition just like pregnancy and strokes but it really fair and better to have the knowledge about the causes of constipation to help ourselves from avoiding the said condition. The guide for a healthy diet is very important to follow and self-discipline is very important to become used to it.