Pros And Cons Of a Wooden Bunk Bed

According to facts, a wooden bunk bed is the best kind to own. Especially with growing children in the house, you want something that will help them and you as well.

The most important key is to look for wooden bunk beds made of solid wood instead of artificial wood. Both, metal and wooden bunk beds are strong but people prefer wooden because of its durability and the strength to hold the bed intact.

However, with wooden bunk beds, there are a few disadvantages as well. Let’s look into the pros and cons of a wooden bunk bed.


  • A wooden bed is extremely strong. Especially if it is of good quality, the bed lasts a life time. Thus, it is of utmost importance to check the quality of the bed and the wood before finalising on buying it.
  • Secondly, parts do not have to be assembled with a wooden bunk. It is arranged even before it is given to you. Tightly screwed and intact.

Wooden bunk beds are reliable and the best part is that they come in every style, configuration and you can customise them as well. You can also have a
Joonistustahvlid underneath or beside the bed.


Once you fix a wooden bunk bed you cannot move it around. Thus, the drawback is that it will be fixed at one corner of the room forever. Moving the bed doesn’t really happen. If there is a Joonistustahvlid or a cupboard in your room, then please adjust your bed accordingly.

  • Wooden bunks are way more expensive than metal bunks. The cost is high but the quality is worth it.
  • If the wood is not of great quality then the bunk bed might collapse or it will be extremely shaky.