5 Best Ways to Watch Your Favorite Movies Online for Free!

Are you a movie lover but don’t want to pay much for watching movies and TV shows? The first thing that comes to your mind is the streaming services. No doubt, streaming services require to pay for a subscription, but there are still some other ways to watch movies without paying. There are numerous sites that offer you watch movies online, but it is not obvious that they are secure and legal. One such free site is 123movies, where you can watch plenty of movies in free legally. 

Here, in this article, we will know the ways to watch movies online by some free websites. 

Free, safe, and trustworthy streaming websites:

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle, also known as Crackle, is one of the most popular and free streaming sites. Crackle is controlled and operated by Sony, and now it is a joint venture between Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment (CSS) and Sony. This site is quite popular become it includes content from almost six CSS streaming services and some television shows and Sony movies.

You can get to see many blockbusters and fascinating B-movies. There are many advertisements, but it is still an enormous resource and is available in more than 21 countries. 


The most famous Amazon-owned streaming service IMDb TV is also referred to as Freedive. IMDb TV is an ad-supported but free movie and TV shows service. It is the only streaming site that streams the most popular “Lost and Malcolm in the Middle” for free. Also, it attains the rights over the famous Disney-owned Series. 

Not only series, but it has TV shows and movies in its library. Users can watch the movies and TV shows on Amazon Fire devices, Apple TV, IMDb TV on the web, and Amazon Prime. 


Plex is a streaming service that allows users to watch movies and videos stored on the computer through another device. The company also offers a free, ad-supported streaming service, allows users with plenty of free TV shows, movies, music documentaries, sports films, and more. 

The new feature of live TV service has more than 80 channels of different genres. This free live TV feature offers movies from the Film detective and the Archive, Yahoo Finance and Reuters, and food shows from Cooking Panda and Tastemade. The Plex is available on iOS and Android devices, Android TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox, and more. 


Redbox was earlier best known for the rental kiosks at shopping centers and grocery stores, but now it is available with streaming services for rent and purchase. It is an ad-based free streaming service that is just started by is now expanding with time. Users can watch entertainment, celebrity, world, and national news and TV shows, movies, and comedy show from different service providers. 

Redbox’s streaming service is powered by Xumo, which has three branded channels: Redbox Spotlight, Redbox Comedy, and Redbox Rush. 


The most famous video-hosting service is YouTube. Everyone knows this online service that provides you the solution of almost everything. YouTube is also a movie streaming service, but it is limited to sizable length movies. There are thousands of movies available on YouTube that will only show up if you search them. 

People, who search for a specific title, need to search it first to check if that title is posted. The producers or performers do not directly upload the titles on YouTube. You can get to see the movies divided into playlists or episodes. Searching movies on YouTube is challenging as all the tights holders opt to provide their films for streaming. If you are a movie person, you can also buy subscriptions like live TV streaming services and YouTube Premium. 

At last, both the Android users and iOS users can enjoy the free time and remove their boredom by visiting these popular free streaming sites. These services offer a huge collection of music documentaries, movies, TV shows, Cooking shows, and more without paying a single penny. These tools are best to find the movies and shows you want to watch, and it is always better to start with a good and free streaming service.