Handbags For The Eco-Conscious Woman

“Going green” is a very popular phrase in our current society. Shopping takes on a whole new meaning as we search for organic foods and clothing to put into our reusable bags. Looking for items made from renewable resources is easier than ever before.

But as I reached into my leather handbag for the money to pay for my items, I wondered, what would the eco-conscious woman choose for a purse?

Casual with Flair

Vera Bradley handbags are where function meets femininity. VB’s signature cotton fabric purses are easily recognized by unique colors and quilting. There are several choices of sizes and styles of handbags as well as suitcases, laptop cases, and even home decorating items.

VB bags are easy to care for and should they become dirty, all you have to do is toss them in the wash machine. Line dry and you have your purse good as new. The bags last a long time with good care.

Vera Bradley keeps the style line interesting and fresh with new fabrics being added and retired every six months. If you find a fabric you love, catch it before it is gone.

Vegan meets Style

Founded by dedicated vegetarian, Inder Bedi, Matt  amp; Nat is a handbag line that is cruelty-free and completely void of animal by-products. The Matt  amp; Nat bags are sold in a number of upscale boutiques and the Canadian imports are starting to make it big in the United States.

What makes Matt  amp; Nat unique in the vegan industry is that the bags look just like leather. The polished look and cutting edge styles give a woman the look of sophisticated leather without any animal harm.

Matt  amp; Nat handbags are high quality bags that do hold up well. I have used a couple bags on and off for a few years and they do hold up nicely. An added benefit is the multitude of colors you can get these purses in.

Recycle a la Chic

Have you seen the purse made out of Capri Sun juice box wrappers? Perhaps one made of soda can pull tabs? If whimsy suits your handbag tastes, look no further than sellers like The Global Exchange Store, Ecoist.com or Eco-handbags.ca. With a wide variety of styles and materials, you can have an accessory to suit your needs. Some of the materials these sellers use are: sailboat sails, books, chopsticks, records, movie billboards, soda can pull tabs, newspapers, magazines, tires, zippers, candy bar wrappers, and clothing. They also sell a number of bags made from renewable resources such as bamboo, cotton, jute, hemp, silk and other plant fibers.

Looking for just the right handbag, or pocketbook as my friend refers to it, can be an exciting quest for the eco-conscious woman. With new looks and materials, eco-friendly handbags are as diverse as the people looking.

It is a good thing in a way as change is the spice of life and a monotonous lifestyle becomes quite boring. As all five fingers are not alike, similarly a human being’s taste and preference differs from person to person which is the case with handbags, as a result of which there are so many brands and designs that they can choose from. It is luxurytastic legit statement that there is diversification in everything.