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Feminist Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas should not only be the season of love and sharing, it should also be the time to spread fun and laughter. Exchanging gifts with our family and friends complete the Christmas season experience. Make it more special and fun in the next Christmas celebration by giving some funny gifts to you loved ones. Not only it will be unforgettable but surely it will also make them the happiest people on earth. Here are some lustige geschenkideen for men and women.

Girl Power Shirts

There is nothing more hilarious than seeing a man or woman wearing something that exaggerately promotes feminism. Girl power shirts or most of the time referred to as “GRL PWR” is one of the best feminist Christmas gift ideas you can give your loved ones.

 I am enough underwear

This might not be a functional gift as no one would ever like to wear an underwear with a printed statement like “I am enough” but surely it will bring laughter to the person who’ll receive it.

Women Don’t Owe You Shit Mug

Is she or he a coffee lover? Then this customized mug with a statement “women don’t owe you shit” is definitely the funniest gift you can give to him or her. Imagine how happy she’ll be knowing that she received a mug as a gift then turning it out as a feminist one.

Feminist Necklace

You can be direct also in giving a feminist gift. Necklace with a pendant lettering of the word itself – Feminist, is literally the funniest gift to your loved ones. It will be more hilarious if you give it to a male friend rather than a female friend.

We should All Be Feminist Tote Bag

This gift idea is best for someone who loves to go to shopping mall or grocery store every weekend. There will be more fun if you include some funny pictures of her on it with the title, “we should all be feminist”.

Real Men are Feminist Hoodie

This more ideal for your super manly, muscular, and bug make friends. Imagine how cute and funny they will be if they’re wearing a hoodie with this statement.

Make America Gay Again Notebook      

This applies to both your male and female friends. Customize a notebook with this caption and in addition, you can also include his or her stolen pictures.

Females are great Umbrella

This gift idea is really funny as it strongly promotes feminism. Make sure you have the words printed in capitalized and bold fonts.

Overall, Christmas season will be more memorable if we add some fun on it. Exchanging gifts doesn’t need to be traditional and boring. You can add some spice and new things as you give and receive gifts. It doesn’t need to be expensive as well, you just have to unleash the funny side or your personality and your creativity and you’re all set. Christmas is merrier, if it is also fun!


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